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Back In October 2011 Facebook first launched “Facebook Insights”, which essentially gave business owners the information and tools necessary to understand “how their content [was resonating] with users”. It was the first opportunity for businesses using Facebook to view their page analytics and see how much traction their content was receiving. Since 2011, a completely revamped and overhauled analytics page was rolled out in 2013, which saw an entirely new and improved interface, rate comparisons, filtering for data comparison and, perhaps most importantly, what time your fans are actually on Facebook. Although there is a lot of debate over the good, the bad and the ugly (also known as ‘What’s New, What’s Awesome, and What Sucks’) on Facebook’s Insights, there’s no debating that Facebook is working to make data accessible, easy to understand and, in turn, make your business more effective on social media.

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While the majority of Facebook data has been focused on visuals and text, as of last week, Facebook announced that video metrics will be coming soon to the Insights page. Prior to this, very little data on videos was available; Page Owners were only able to see how many people began viewing their video, whereas now, “information like video views, unique video views, the average duration of the video view and audience retention” will all be showing up on the Insights page. Even more impressive, is the ability to see specifically which parts of a video are being watched and re-watched. Essentially, the same information that is currently available for all other Facebook posts (ie: text, links, images, etc…) will now be applied to video posts, so you can better understand which aspects of your videos are resonating with your audience, or if they’re having any impact at all.

Being able to read your audience is an integral part of digital marketing, or any sort of marketing for that matter. Clearly Facebook is stepping up its analytics-game with the introduction of Facebook video metrics, and for good reason – they want users & businesses to keep coming back for more! It’s important to understand and utilize the tools provided to you in order to make an impact with your audience on social media; it’s even more prevalent when the tools offered are free, which isn’t all that common in the marketing world.

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