Twitter Gets A Facelift: What You Should Know

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You may have noticed that Twitter recently received a bit of a facelift by way of a profile overhaul. It has certainly been a long time coming, as the social media platform has been very slow to change their look. In fact, the last time their layout was drastically updated was back in 2012, when Twitter incorporated more images to the timeline: the background image updated in size and the initial header photo was introduced.

The revamped Twitter profile highlights tweets that have received the most attention, by making them appear larger in your feed and it also allows you to ‘pin’ a favourite tweet to the top of your page – that had better be one really good tweet! It also seems that Twitter has taken a page from Facebook (and to a lesser extent Google+), with its more prominent profile picture and customizable cover photo, so much so that many users are cheekily referring to it as the new “Facebook Light”. Really, it only seems fair, since Facebook has often been scrutinized as copying Twitter by introducing hashtags and tagging into posts.

Twitter has long set itself apart from other social platforms by predominantly focusing on text; however, it has slowly been making a shift towards visual content, particularly in 2010/2011 when it very noticeably introduced photos and promoted ad images into the Twitter feed. Although it’s a huge shift in the direction of the platform, it’s not surprising that “Twitter now places far greater emphasis on shared images and video”, since image-based platforms are the ones increasing in engagement and popularity (think Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz). After all, visual content is the way of social media these days.

Staying up to date with these changes is important since you want your company to be seen as current, fast-moving and capable of keeping up with the ever-changing social media platforms. These changes are also beneficial to your own business, since you’re now able to give people a “first impression” by visually assessing your company, before reading any text. The highlighted tweets also make it easier for your company to scroll through twitter feeds and engage with followers.

To help you navigate your new Twitter layout:

New Twitter Dimensions:

Ideas for a head photo:

  • Choose an image that speaks to your business, or visually shows who you are
  • Insert (minimal) text into your image that isn’t included in your bio: an email address, time-sensitive information, business announcements
  • Create a collage of images
  • Choose an inspirational image that shows the work you do
  • For more ideas, click here

What do you think of the new Twitter profile? Tweet to us at @BoojeMedia and let us know!

Fun Fact: Did you know that Jack Dorsey, the man who created Twitter also invented Square, the platform designed for small business so that they can accept payment on mobile devices.

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