Twitter is experimenting with a “Buy” button

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Twitter is the platform for you if you want real-time news, photos and videos in 140 characters or less.  On Monday, the company announced they are also going to publicly test shopping for real products as well.

The “buy button” will be embedded into posts which will allow users to a buy a product with minimal clicking.  Twitter has just become a real time shopping mall.

What does Twitters “buy button” mean for business?

Well, in a nutshell, it probably means there is a new kid in town…. or shall we say a new e-commerce site for you to display your ads and capture your target market audience. Take this one step further as your users can also purchase right on the Twitter platform.

Why is this a good thing?

If Twitter can successfully build an e-commerce platform it means there is a new site for you to warehouse your services or products and have users buy directly from the Twitter site.  It’s great because there are less touch points from customer to sales. Customers no longer have to search for you, find what they want and then head to your site to buy as they will be equipped to do so on Twitter.

Are other social media platforms are doing this?

Pretty much any site you have been on today or this week includes an e-commerce site. Social networks are all experimenting with ways to make it easier to buy directly from their sites.  So far, no social media site has introduced a purchasing technology on a wide scale that has taken off.  However, things are heating up and the world of mobile e-commerce is intensifying. Apple is expected to unveil a new phone-based payment system on Tuesday as part of its latest update to the iPhone; which is also experimenting with the buy now phenomenon.

Why should I care?

Because if the Twitter’s buy button makes buying online easier for your customers than it is probably going to be beneficial to get your company and products on Twitter advertising and buying as soon as possible.  You should also be excited to know that you might be able to reach your target audience even better with Twitter “Buy”, assuming your target audience lives on Twitter.

What should I do?

Act on it.  As soon as you can. If your customers live on Twitter this is for you.  You can start building a large target shopping audience on  Twitters social media platform.

So, the next time you are thinking about growing your company, reaching your target audience or reaching more customers, make sure to keep Twitter in mind!


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