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There is big news in the Twittersphere this week! Back in early December 2013, Twitter joined the ranks of Facebook by introducing the global availability of their ‘Tailored Audiences’, which promised “a new way for advertisers to define [their] own groups of existing and potential customers, and connect with them on Twitter with relevant messages” (Twitter Blog) Essentially, it provided users with the capability of connecting with visitors to their website directly through Twitter. And it delivered – cue cheers from Twitter users worldwide; however, since December they have stepped up their game with new ways for users to customize the still relatively new ‘Tailored Audiences’ program. The changes are threefold and definitely work in the advertisers’ favour:

1. The CRM (customer relationship management) Approach: Users can pull from their email databases to create tailored audiences. They explain everything in layman’s terms, using this handy infographic:


2. The Twitter ID Approach: Advertisers can capitalize on Twitter IDs (both usernames or user IDs) to create tailored audiences. Again, a helpful infographic, courtesy of Twitter, comes into play:


3. Exclusion Targeting: Lastly, (but certainly not of least importance) Twitter is enabling users to exclude specific CRM & Twitter ID audiences from preexisting targeting options (Twitter Blog), which will increase effectiveness of campaigns and targeting as a whole.

With the behemoth that is Facebook dominating the social sphere, particularly with the introduction of their advertising platform, Twitter’s newly refined ‘tailored audiences’ could not have come soon enough. It allows for more specific and precise advertising, ensuring that you’re reaching your target market and “could be particularly useful for targeting existing sales leads or customers, or for targeting people who are influential in a specific category” (TechCrunch). So, happy tweeting!

For more information on Twitter’s targeted advertising and ‘tailored audiences, check out the full articles: “More Relevant Ads With Tailored Audiences” from Twitter’s blog and “Twitter Can Now Target Ads Based On Email Addresses And User IDs” from TechCrunch

Photo Credits: CRM Approach & Twitter ID Approach via Twitter Blog


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