The Vancouver Startup Community: The Tech Ecosystem for Success

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Vancouver is proving to be a notable city in terms of fostering a burgeoning startup community and it doesn’t merely begin and end with Hootsuite, the pinnacle of the city’s startup fairytales: “You’ve probably read one or two blog posts or articles trumpeting why Vancouver is the place to be for tech…The talent, the city, the outdoors, the visa perks – yes, it all makes for an enticing and optimistic location to launch your startup.” Further legitimizing Vancouver startups is the fact that Amazon and Facebook have offices and warehouses slated to open in the city in the next couple of years. And with a growing number of established incubators (read: Launch Academy, GrowLab, Invoke Labs, InstituteB, Wavefront) the tech scene is undeniably expanding, providing the right environment for Vancouver startups to thrive.


In the advent of the growing startup communities worldwide, not solely the Vancouver startup scene, new companies are recognizing the need to be social in order to be successful. More specifically, companies are beginning to embrace  the idea of a social enterprise, where they are present on all social platforms which allows total access to their brand. There has been a lot of buzz around the idea of blurring the lines between the physical world & digital world, which demands an upheaval of traditional marketing tactics. We at Booje Media are fortunate to be able to work with, StylePixi, a notable Vancouver startup that is strategically developing their brand to recognize the evolving retail experience. Through their highly visual & intuitive mobile app, the company is opening communication between retailers and buyers. In acknowledging that 92% of Retail Sales Still Occur in Bricks and Mortar Stores, yet 84% of smartphone shoppers use their devices to help them shop while in a store, the app marries the world of physical & digital, enabling consumers to post photos of outfits and receive response in real-time and essentially provides them with a platform to voice their thoughts. The app will eventually allow retailers to interact directly with consumers and map customers’ behaviours & patterns through the use of barcode scanning, which will inevitably have high retailer benefits and social benefits.

Although the city boasts the right ecosystem for Vancouver startups to thrive, it is critical for emerging companies to embrace and integrate social into the fabric of their business mentality, in order to succeed. Social platforms invite consumer communication and enable startups to test consumers’ boundaries in terms of how they experience the brand. Social media is changing the way people interact and absorb information and it is the responsibility of the company to keep up and follow suit.

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