The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 003


Instagram Fake Followers, Facebook Messenger ‘Watch Videos Together’ & Un-Send Button, and the Future of Print Journalism

This week, co-hosts Danika & Michelle keep you up to speed on important updates on Instagram & Facebook platforms, including Instagram’s new efforts to crack down on fake followers and Facebook’s attempt to further monetize Messenger by allowing users to watch videos together, in real time. Included in the update are some insider tips on watching out for ‘fake’ influencers so you don’t waste your ad spend.

With the recent announcement of Glamour Magazine’s imminent end to their print edition, the hosts also dive deep into the future of print journalism, as well as debate the need for objective journalism moving forward.

This week’s client shoutout goes to Pacific Derm – an amazing client we always love working with. If you’re in Vancouver, check them out for all your skincare needs!