The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 002


Tinder’s ‘Rivals Week’, Instagram-U, Snapchat Bitmoji Merchandise, Facebook Dating, and the “Don’t Say It” meme

This week is heavy on the dating apps — Tinder’s launch of the university-focused ‘Rivals Week’, and Facebook’s attempt to reach millennials and Gen-Zs with Facebook Dating. Danika & Michelle then dive deep into how to effectively advertise on dating apps, and what we can expect for the future of these platforms for brands. The hosts also weigh in on Snapchat’s last-ditch effort to stay relevant with Bitmoji Merchandise, and Danika’s take on “Don’t Say It” meme.

Client shout-out this week is none other than Harling’s Jewellers — ready for you once you meet the love of your life on Tinder!

PS – sorry for the Gastown steam clock interruption around min 18…