The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 001


Instagram Story Promotions, IGTV Previews, Twitter Feed Updates, and the “Thank You, Next” meme

In the inaugural episode of the now weekly Trend Report, co-hosts Danika & Michelle tell you everything you need to know about promoting Instagram stories, previewing IGTV in stories, and toggling between chronological & curated feeds on Twitter — and what this all means for your brand’s social strategy. They also dive deep into the discussion of social media’s impact on the democratic process, and something equally as crucial for the millennial generation: does the trending Ariana Grande meme “Thank You, Next” effectively expose her narcissism?

Also, this week’s client shoutout to 7-Eleven tells you how buying a cup of coffee can help revitalize the plants in your neighbourhood.

Hold onto your smartphones, people. You’re about to get Boojed.