The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 021


Twitter’s acquired app Highly could help us share content; Instagram uses AI to possibly un-free the nipple; Facebook’s feed may be simplifying with stories; and a possible death to Instagram likes

This week on The Trend Report, Taylor joins Danika to discuss the latest social media trends and happenings, including Facebook and Instagram rumors that could affect the way we consume content and interact with others. Twitter acquires quote-sharing app, Highly, which could help us seem more well-read than we actually are. Taylor and Danika have opposing views on Instagram’s move to demote vaguely inappropriate content that nearly violates guidelines. Are you Team Taylor or Team Danika?

The two also consider a possible change to Facebook that would lead users to navigate the site through stories rather than a traditional newsfeed. And possibly an even bigger change would result from Instagram hiding other peoples’ likes on photos. Are likes dead? Would this make it easier or more difficult for brands to work with influencers? Would this encourage users to engage and create rather than compare and compete?

All this and much more — thanks for listening!