The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 025


 Facebook debuts blood donation; Study app wants your data ; Billie Eilish brings music to Instagram; and Tinder updates its platform in time for Pride Month

On this week’s episode of The Trend Report, Taylor joins Danika to launch into the latest app updates and features and to discuss whether they’re for the betterment of the platforms or just strategic moves. Facebook rolls out two features – the first of which Taylor and Danika are all for. Facebook will alert users of urgent blood donation needs around them, moving forward in the medical tech space. Facebook’s Study app will now pay users to track their phone movements, which may be a little intrusive, but hey, at least we’re getting paid for our data.
Instagram introduces music stickers with help from singer Billie Eilish in a clear move to mimic TikTok, further attracting Gen Z and allowing users to sing their hearts out through the app. And for this week’s deep dive, Taylor and Danika discuss Tinder’s move to include sexual orientation and gender identity on its profiles, which may be strategic for Pride Month, but ultimately is a big step in the right direction.
All this and much more — thanks for listening!