The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 024


Facebook wants to have eyes in your home; Instagram expands IGTV formats; the explore feed will now include stories; and how brands can best navigate Pride Month

This week, Danika is joined by Taylor to dive into the latest trends and happenings, and debate whether Facebook will shortly be launching an army of robots and whether we want to watch influencers eat spaghetti.
Facebook just launched its first home hardware, Facebook Portal, to provide a FaceTime-like experience as you move throughout your home. It zooms in you on, follows your movements, and potentially listens in on your every thought and desire. Our hosts aren’t too sure how to feel about this one…

Instagram is introducing changes that will affect how users interact with the service, allowing users to (finally) upload horizontal IGTV videos, and also adding stories to the explore feed. At first, the hosts aren’t too sure how to feel, but the potential for watching stories with some sense of privacy might be too enticing to pass up. And last but not least, happy Pride Month to everyone in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. The hosts explore how brands can best incorporate Pride throughout their company and marketing in a genuine way rather than using a meaningful month to move product.

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