The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 019


Geo-gifs arrive on TikTok; the EU cracks down on memes; and Facebook Messenger is finally as good as WhatsApp

Hello & welcome to another edition of The Trend Report!

This week, host Danika and guest host Marielle discuss all the trending topics in social media and digital marketing, including TikTok’s new geo-gif feature and how brands can best use this to connect with those Gen-Zers, and Facebook’s new Messenger feature that finally helps it catch up with WhatsApp. The two also discuss the recent European Union’s Article 13 that is cracking down on copyright infringement, pushing the burden of policing to the digital media giants themselves. Will this destroy the beloved memes? Gifs? And the ability to cross-promote content too provide much-desired exposure to up-and-coming artists and companies?

All this and much more. Thanks for listening!