The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 018


Twitter’s unknown twin “Twtter”; Facebook’s attempt (again) to appeal to younger people; New app Basement and why Kendall & Kylie may like it

Welcome back to The Trend Report! This week, Danika is joined in our studio by Susie, and the two have a lot to cover.

Did you know Twitter has launched another app called Twtter? Yes, that’s Twitter without the ‘i’. The two discuss what they’re doing on this secretive platform, and what it could e for regular Falk Twitter users down the road.

Also this week, the hosts discuss yet another effort by Facebook to engage people younger than our grandparents: the gaming tab. Will this be a successful attempt to capture for of the Twitch audience that is so devout? Also, the new app Basement is reviewed. What is the point of it and will it take off?

All that and more. Enjoy!