The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 017


The super strange MoMo Challenge hoax; the rise of audio advertising; and Instagram’s metamorphosis into Facebook

Are you more media literate than your children? You probably think so, but we’re not so sure. This week on The Trend Report hosts Danika and Catherine dissect the recent – and very creepy – MoMo Challenge hoax and what this says about our society’s ability to differentiate between what’s real and what’s not. Do we give our kids enough credit for how they interpret what they hear or see online? And do we give ourselves too much credit for being capable guards to their media consumption?

Also on The Trend Report this week, we give you a general market update to the social and digital space — what’s trending, what’s declining, and what has substantial growth potential in the coming months and years. In other words, what platforms you consider when allocation your brand’s media and marketing spend in Q2 and Q3.

We also update you on some new features on Instagram and Twitter that we’re not too sure are good ideas, but may be sticking around for the long haul.

Thanks for listening!