The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 013


Brands get sad on Twitter; Snapchat gets happy (finally); IG Stories are taking over the world

It is every brand’s dream to go viral, but at what cost should you pursue this? When is it smart to push the envelope, and when should the restraint come into play?

This week, Sunny D (yes, the beloved orange “juice”) tweeted something that made you want to give it a big ol’ hug. But… what? Since when does Sunny D need more positivity? And since when do we feel bad for brands? And since when is it ok for brands to capitalize on “Millennial angst” when more and more people are struggling with mental illness?

Also this week, Snapchat FINALLY stops its slow death, IG Stories prove to be central to everything Facebook wants to do, and the Super Bowl ads disappoint.

Our host Danika and guest host Taylor discuss these exciting digital marketing updates and more!

xo Booje