The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 006


Instagram Walkie-Talkie, Facebook Search Ads and Live Video Shopping, and the Host-less Oscars

This week, co-hosts Danika and Michelle discuss if Instagram is becoming too much like Facebook (i.e. its new walkie-talkie feature) and what that means for the future of the platform: will it become uncool and obsolete if baby-boomers are the main market? Also new this week, the hosts update you on Facebook’s new commercially-focused features that could really affect how people show online, including live video shopping and search ads.

In this week’s deep dive, the girls discuss how the Academy Awards are having trouble finding a host after Kevin Hart stepped down after homophobic tweets from his past were uncovered. Is this once-coveted job now the most feared job in Hollywood? Does anyone have a flawless enough past to pass the public scrutiny test?

Buckle up and get ready for this week’s Trend Report.

Love, Booje.