Kristina’s Adobe Max Experience

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Over 10,000 creative minds gathered for this year’s Adobe Max Conference in San Diego, California. One of those 10,000 participants was our very own team member, Kristina. She learned about Adobe and its next-generation Creative Cloud tools; including new applications in experience design & 3D creation. Here’s an overview of Kristina’s first-hand experience.

Coming from a technical background, I’ve always felt the need to feed my creative side. I’ve learned that in order to preserve and advance those skills, you have to be disciplined in finding inspiration everyday. But searching for that daily spark is no easy task. While looking for the flicker, I stumbled upon the Adobe Max Conference — perfect for anyone looking for inspiration. I booked my flight and prepared for something spectacular.

I made some mental notes of the most inspiring moments (in Sharpie, of course) and after taking a little time to digest, here’s what I came away with.




Two words. MIND. BLOWN. Over the course of 2 days, there were 3 general sessions, focused on technology, creativity, and inspiration.

The first session showcased the new updates and technology in Adobe products. I’ve been using Adobe for almost a decade now and seeing the evolution and innovation of these products reinforced my gratitude for the tools. Improved features like experience design, collaboration, and cloud-sharing capabilities were the top innovations for me.

The second session was all about inspiration. Adobe CMO Ann Lewnes welcomed fashion designer Zac Posen, photojournalist Lynsey Addario, sculptor Janet Echelman, and director Quentin Tarantino. Each guest shared their own creative process; and with each presentation my own passion was reiterated. I’ve always been a computer geek with a creative side — these presentations encouraged me to merge the two.


The last session focused on the future. Adobe showed upcoming technologies — including voice manipulation, image search, automatic colour match replacement, VR footage editing, and more. It was a nice end to the general sessions as it impressed the oh-so common phrase “anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it”. I left with a sense of motivation — a whirlwind of ideas floating through my brain. All I needed was the discipline to funnel it into something astounding.


The labs and sessions at Adobe Max were a big draw for me. I wanted to gain the technical skills to advance my work. Based on my interests and skills, I chose to focus on Adobe Xd, Adobe Photoshop, brush lettering, and responsive design.

As a web developer, I’m on the constant hunt for tools that enable me to design, layout, and create prototypes easily. Adobe Xd does just that, so I decided to delve deeper. The tool is photoshop-like, but you can build a website or app and produce a high-fidelity prototype instantly.

During the lab, we learned just how easy it is to create a fully interactive prototype. It can then be shared online and viewed on any mobile device in real-time. For me, this tool really helps in creating website mockups and working prototypes to easily share with clients. The labs and sessions gave me the technical skills to funnel my creativity, and I felt as if I could come back to Vancouver with an updated tool belt.



In the end, we were encouraged to visit the Community Pavilion. We engaged with the sponsor booths, where companies like Microsoft, Dell, Intel, GoPro and many more had set up shop. From T-shirt printing to virtual reality, the pavilion had everything. Less structured than the rest of the conference, it was a chance to learn and engage at our own pace. It was a hugely inspiring area.

Overall, the Adobe Max Conference was one of the highlights of the year. I left feeling inspired and excited to try out my new tricks.

See you next year in Vegas!