Th Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 012


@fuckjerry + the fallout from the Fyre Festival, why not to pick your nose while you decline FaceTime calls; and standard Twitter & Facebook updates!

For everyone who has watched either the Netflix or Hulu documentaries on the Fyre Festival, you may remember the media company that was assisting with all the marketing and influencer campaigns, Jerry Media. But did you know that this is the company behind the viral @fuckjerry Instagram account? This meme-amalgamating sensation is now under fire (pun intended) not only for their lack of oversight on the influencer campaign but also for their questionable business tactics with their own account: should you be ale to steal people’s tweets, post them on your own account, and then make money off of the reach you build? Where is that ethical line, and have they crossed it? Co-hosts Danika and Michelle discuss this and more, including the recent FaceTime glitch, Twitter’s ‘original tweeter’ tag, and more.

We’re sad to announce that this is Michelle’s final Trend Report episode – she’s off to travel the world like the good millennial she is! We will miss her, but tune in next week to hear from Danika and the now rotating co-host — who will be in the hot seat?!

xo Booje