Resolutions on the Rise: Trends Shaping the Way People Will Spend 2018

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Every January, resolutioners across the globe vow to become their best selves in the new year— whether this means hitting the gym, hitting the smoothie bar or tightening their purse strings. So what are people promising to do in 2018? Facebook’s recent Topics and Trends Report—which compiled conversations that have been on the rise in 2017—gave us a few clues.

Resolution: Focus on Mindfulness and Wellbeing
“The interest in mindful practices is rising. Since January 2016, online conversation has grown across chakra, introspection and meditation.”

Wellness seemed to be the buzzword of 2017. Sundays were deemed #selfcaresunday, meditation went mainstream, and suddenly people cared deeply about deep breathing. Now more than ever, people are aware of the toll stress takes on their overall wellbeing, and brands that have taken this trend into account are thriving. Fitness studios have started adding meditation to their list of classes, and sales of products designed to reduce stress, like adult colouring books, have skyrocketed. Work wellness into you 2018 business plan, and your brand will have a healthy bottom line.

Resolution: Be Your Most Authentic Self
“There was once a time when beauty transparency just meant DIY makeup videos and a no-makeup selfie. But now, people openly discuss everything online, from skin augmentation to hair removal, bringing to light previously taboo topics.”

Remember the 90s when every model to grace the cover of magazines like Vogue, Cosmo, and Vanity fair was airbrushed, size 0, and 100% flaw free? Well—as they say in the beauty industry—that’s so last year. Transparency in the industry is on the rise. Celebrities and everyday people are having an open dialogue about topics like permanent makeup, fat removal, and skin treatments. This year, our very own Katlyn Bristowe teamed up with Raw Beauty Talks to promote media literacy and positive body image and encouraged fans to share photos of their most authentic selves with the hashtag #realstagram. Brands engaging in this dialogue and supporting authentic beauty—stretch marks, wrinkles, rolls and all—are being rewarded by consumers who feel brands are responsible for portraying real women in advertising and encouraging healthy body image.

Resolution: Cut Out Unnecessary Stress
Today’s shoppers, faced with limitless options online, are rewarding companies that help take the pain out of choice. Since January 2016, conversation has grown across decision-making
and information overload.”

Ever log on to Netflix only to spend hours flipping through titles until you’re too tired start any one of them? Sounds like a case of information overload. In a world of infinite options, making a decision and sticking to it can feel impossible. Companies helping to reduce decision fatigue by offering just one product or an extremely limited selection of products like Crocs, Spanx and Casper are being rewarded by consumers who are overwhelmed with options. In the face of endless information, people will choose the most straightforward, stress-free option.

Resolution: Empower the Women In Your Life
“A 2017 Facebook IQ study showed women were on average 1.85x more likely to be interested in watching a movie trailer after seeing an ad featuring an image of a woman dressed as firefighter versus an image of a woman dressed in revealing clothing. It also found 75% of women surveyed said they believed the most important thing brands can do to promote gender equality is to stop portraying women as sex symbols.”

Perhaps our favourite trend of 2017 was the growing conversation around female empowerment. Wonder Woman– the first superhero film to feature a female lead in more than a decade—dominated headlines and conversations online and the Women’s March in Washington was attended by over 450,000 people. As attitudes towards empowerment and equality evolve, brands must evolve too. Consumers—especially female consumers—are responding and will continue to respond to brands who reflect and support the rise of institutional feminism through advertising, hiring policies, and founding principles in 2018.

Online conversations around everything from empowerment marketing to wellness will continue to grow, change, and shape the world around us in 2018. We can’t wait to see what the new year has in store.