Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Your Content

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It’s All About the Content:

Content is king when it comes to marketing! That’s why it’s a great idea to reduce the time you spend writing, reuse content that has your brands message and recycle content that was well written and well received the first time it was published.

Publishing great content is hard and constantly coming up with new engaging topics can be even harder. The good news is that you can spice up blasé content or content from the past with a little work and a little creativity. Plus, reusing the content (after spicing it up of course) allows you to get that older content in sight and in mind of current and new readers and targets. Not only can you use your refurbished content on past social media sites but you can also create a new medium with your old content.

You might be wondering “what do I get out of recycling my old work” or “can this idea actually help my brand” and the answer is yes.  So, rather than telling you how to dust off the old and make it shine like new, we are going to explain why you should do it.  If you want or need tips and tricks on the “How to recycle old content” the Content Marketing Institute has great ideas and they are listed alphabetically for you.

 Why Recycling Old Content is Beneficial To You, Your Online Traffic and Your Brand:

+  It saves you time: Rather than thinking of new topics, writing a new piece, revising and editing, you can focus on breaking it down into smaller pieces for Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

+ It’s good for SEO: If the original content is on your site you can optimize for the same keyword twice. If the content is somewhere else, create a back link to the content and choose anchor text to boost your rank for your keyword.

+ It creates a series: Take an article or blog you have written and turn it into a series of “how to…”. Teaching your audience a new skill or simple tricks to simplify their day is a great way to keep readers coming back for more.

+ It can attract new readers with new social media platforms: Try alternate channels. You might be able to find new readers or customers through posting your content to a site you have not posted to before. This can include Reddit and StumbleUpon.

+ It can be turned into a vlog and interview: Taking a classic piece of content, refreshing it, creating a vlog and a personal interview provides your audience with an intimate feeling. Also, creating an online interview allows people to listen to your message while they work; and who doesn’t love to multitask?

+ It will re-engage an already captive audience: Sending your content out again validates your message, keeps your brand in sight and in mind and once it is refurbished it can offer a fresh perspective to your audience.

+ It can be a fun way of getting involved with earth day: Ok, not really but this is one more idea about how to use content to engage readers, use an old concept (Earth Day and using less) and turn your work into a tongue- and-cheek article to get in front of a new audience.

+ It Prevent writer’s block: Cheeky, engaging and thought provoking material is hard to create so having a back up plan (such as reusing old work) can prevent fatigue from setting in.

+ It’s a life saver: Sometimes there might not be anything to write about. Let’s face it, everyone goes through droughts. Knowing you have an emergency list of content to republish can be good for your stress levels.

Your Turn!

Keep in mind reusing material will need to be strategic.  It would be wise to keep a folder for those classic and timeless content pieces you know you will be able to come back to. Think about how you would change them when you reintroduce them or how you would unveil those items to a new social media platform. The goal is to make sure that it adds value for your customers.

Are you ready to take that old dog and make it do a new trick? We thought so! Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

Here are some more helpful tips to get you started:

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