Planning the Perfect Party


Events are one of the most effective ways for brands to connect face to face with their audience and, in today’s digital age, they are more important than ever. In a world where the majority of customer-brand interactions take place online, events stand out and have the power to make a lasting impression on your target audience.

This year, Booje had the pleasure of planning a number of events including a private dinner for Audi Canada, a launch party for Vancouver Dermatology Clinic Pacific Derm and more. Whether organizing a gala, grand opening, or anything in between, we approach the planning and execution of events with the following things in mind.


Know Your Purpose
Always go into an event with a clear purpose and defined goals. Whether you wish to increase brand loyalty, generate leads, or strengthen the sense of community around your brand, the purpose of your event must guide every one of your planning decisions. For example, if your goal is to strengthen your presence in a particular market, use the guest list to make real connections with local leaders and innovators relevant to your brand.

Brand Using Experience
Events are a form of experiential branding meant to target a highly specific group. The experience you create should cater to this group and act as an extension of your company’s other branding and marketing strategies. Establish a theme for your event that fits seamlessly with your brand’s image, then build an experience around this theme. If you’re stuck for an idea, turn to your brand’s tagline as a starting point. Every experiential element of the event should embody your theme—from the music to the food to the décor. Branding should be incorporated in a way that doesn’t feel over-promotional. Use table setting to evoke your brand’s colours or integrate your logo into the food design.

Foster Connections
We are planners, but we are also connectors. When it comes to events, it’s important to invite the right people. Use the guest list to create an environment that incites positive interactions and connections, while achieving ROI on marketing dollars by generating leads and growing current customers. When we plan an event, we love to bring industry leaders together to facilitate great conversation and organic connections. Use your event as an opportunity to learn from people striving to achieve goals similar to your own.

Provide Value
While it’s important that everyone at your event has fun, it’s also critical that they are provided with value. Educating attendees about your brand and showcasing products and services will maximize ROI and give the event purpose. Set up demo stations where attendees can interact with your product, or have a compelling speaker talk about the future of your brand. Not only will this give the night meaning, but it will help your audience understand your product or service and lead to more sales.


Events take a lot of planning, time and coordination, but if done well, are worth every penny. They can have a massive impact on your company’s business goals, and nothing beats having a real interaction with your audience/customer. You are creating an opportunity for people to learn about your company in a way that feels non-invasive and makes a lasting impression. In a world where emails, tweets, and Facebook posts are the primary means of connecting with customers, events cut through the noise.