Mobile Marketing: It’s an App Thing.

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One of the most prevalent conversations floating throughout the digital marketing world is the importance of mobile in this year’s trajectory. In our age of smart-phone domination, it’s impossible to ignore that the mobile device is increasingly becoming the user’s pick for navigation across all platforms. While there are various reasons behind this widely predicted trend, a common theme amongst a variety of sources seems to be the relationship of the user to mobile interfaces, particularly those of the App variation. In 2015, one thing is undeniably clear— Apps are where it’s at.

In 2015 so far, Mobile accounts for 55% of online usage, 47% of that being through Apps and only 8% on mobile browsing. This creates major potential for digital marketing, as consumers are now able to search for data in real-time, including features like Location Based Services (LBS) for instant gratification of purchase impulses. Whether it be simply to be informed, or to urge that itch to spend, mobile apps, such as Starbucks (amongst many other mega-corporations) facilitate and even incentivize the consumer experience, attracting traffic and driving interaction.

When it comes to the App takeover, sources seem to agree that that mobility generates engagement through a variety of functions that aren’t compatible with other types of devices, making the experiences of communication and consumerism much more convenient and simplified. This is an interesting space for Marketers, who have the opportunity to essentially curate a user experience that is most conducive to buying– but this requires a combination of both functionality and finesse. Interaction and engagement are catalyzed by an experience that is personalized and targeted, and marketers should focus on catering to quality over quantity– that is, targeting a smaller group of users who actually ‘use’ (big fish) versus casting a wide net and drawing in a larger group of those who don’t (minnows).

Other trends that contribute to the rise of Apps, are wearable technology, the increase in use of Video in marketing strategy, and, of course, our torrid love affair with Social Media.

We think Ramsay Masri, CEO of San Francisco-based mobile marketing automation company Other Levels said it best:

“2015 will raise the bar even higher for marketers, forcing them sharpen their expertise in mobile strategies and tactics, expand their campaigns deeper into the mobile environment, adopt best practices that are personalized and timely, and test and re-test for maximum effectiveness and relevance. Why? Because not staying in step with (or ahead of) the latest mobile messaging technologies and applications is the equivalent of leaving a smartphone at home.”

In 2015, mobile will be the king of digital marketing, with an army of Apps to ensure a successful reign over the kingdom of enterprise and communication.