Meet Our Little Sister, Flok – The Next Big Thing in Ridesharing


Social media. What comes to mind when you think about the concept? We’ll give you a minute to think…

For us, connectivity, sharing, and engagement are some places our minds wander. However, many view social media as a barrier – a way of interrupting human interaction by use of a screen. Sherry Turkle explores the way technology cleans up the “rich[ness], mess[iness], and demand” of human relationships. From Turkle’s viewpoint, connecting in social media “sips” (e.g. a text, an Instagram post, a like, etc.) doesn’t allow us to really “know and understand each other” (Hear about it here).


So, if that’s the case, now what? Are we doomed to a life of robot talk and loneliness? Well, no. While it’s still up for debate whether the traditional social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), actually have this effect on our social interactions, it seems we’re entering a new generation of social altogether. A generation that uses technology as an avenue for this quality connection.

Our little sister company, Flok, helps you shorten the time spent in front of a screen so that you can engage, chat, and share moments in real time. Rather than waste hours perusing Craigslist ads, coordinating meeting points, and organizing payment methods, Flok lets you get right to the fun around a festival or sporting event. The app connects you to a micro-network – a group that loves the same sports team, or maybe a band or music genre – and creates a carpool culture around these common interests. Then, you get to take it from there – indulging in the “rich” aspects of human relationships while road-tripping. We hope Turkle would give this a big thumb’s up.


While Flok is the first North American app to venture into this ridesharing, micro-network-centric concept, it’s amongst many trailblazing platforms that value human connection minus the screen time. Uber, Fitbit, and even Tinder encourage this face-to-face interaction and real-life experience. The apps place technology as an enabler of, as opposed to a hindrance to real-time experience.

So there you have it. It seems technology is moving in a progressive direction – allowing us to maximize on the conversation, connection, and real-time aspects of life.

And might we add, Booje is a very proud big sister; our little sister, Flok, is a part of this amazing movement.