Incorporating Social Media Into Your Events

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Social media earned its name from the ease with which users are able to connect and share information virtually, so naturally there has been a growing trend to incorporate social media into the real-life social environment of important and large-scale events. Incorporating social media into your event can be extremely beneficial. It highlights what it is you, or your company as a whole, is involved in. By live-Tweeting, Instagramming and posting to Facebook, you’re being strategic and leveraging off of your event and the attendees, to create a strong social and digital presence – chances are, the majority of influential companies in your industry are also using social channels to promote themselves. Introducing social means you’re staying competitive. The second benefit of including social media at your event does exactly what social media is intended to do: it connects people. Not only does it connect individuals who are not present at the event, but it simultaneously makes your company more accessible and invites people to digitally interact with your event in real-time. You’ve probably noticed the growing trend at weddings and high profile gatherings to introduce a specific hashtag. This increases engagement, the number of people who able to digitally connect with one another, and also provides you with content for future use. Incorporating social media during events is an easy way to put your company’s name out there and network with potential business partners & clients.

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Although incorporating social media into your event is relatively easy, there’s still a need for organization, particularly if you’re covering a larger event; don’t  assume that live social media coverage is something that can be haphazardly thrown together the day of. When covering events with social media, regardless of size, we  ensure that a strategy is set in place. Put together a team of where each person has a specific role designated to them:

  • Photographer: responsible for capturing imagery for the entire event
  • Photo Editor: responsible for editing each image to maintain consistency
  • Copy Editor: essentially, a proofreader. All written content, whether Instagrammed, posted to Facebook, or Tweeted is passed by the copy editor first
  • Social Poster: responsible for posting approved imagery & written content on all social channels used to promote the event

social media event

Tips when covering an event on social media:

  • Solidify and confirm the event schedule ahead of time. Ensure all team members understand and are clear on the itinerary; essentially, be prepared and know what’s happening
  • Get your hands on a guest list prior to the event and follow guests on all applicable social channels. Tag & include guests involved during the event – this greatly increases your social media reach, by leveraging off of others’ social following
  • Consistency is key. Determine the aesthetic of all imagery (choose one filter) before the event begins and determine what voice you’re going to use on all social channels
  • Remain unseen, but know exactly where to be in order to capture all of the key moments of the event

While covering the social media for The Variety Rally For Kids last May, our team prepared by familiarizing ourselves with important guests & attendees, running through the timeline of events, having clearly designated roles and ensuring we had clear lines of communication throughout the duration of the event.


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