Happy International Women’s Day: Women Who Inspire Our Team


Today, for International Women’s Day, women around the globe will come together to celebrate one another and raise their voices around the obstacles blocking the road to gender parity. This year’s theme, #PressForProgress, encourages women to continue advocating for change and supporting each other in the face of adversity. In the spirit of propelling each other forward and in honour of International Women’s Day, our team took time to reflect on women (other than our moms) who have supported, inspired or influenced us in our lives, careers, and beyond.

Danika – Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron

What originally struck me about Nora Ephron was her ability to turn everyday banalities into sparkling prose that make you laugh and then make you think. What inspired me was her commitment to helping women in her industry succeed. Even at the height of her success, Ephron mentored aspiring writers, pushing their voices into the spotlight and proving there is plenty of room for strong female voices in industries traditionally dominated by men.

Michelle – Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres is someone who has always been an inspiration to me. She spreads love and joy and has inspired many through her willingness to give and support one another. She uses her platform to highlight the good in this world and brings people together simply through dance and happiness. We need more people like Ellen in this world!

Sandra – Jennifer Lopez


I’m inspired by Jennifer Lopez’s insane work ethic. She’s someone I’ve grown up watching— from her first album to her current endless responsibilities. She has her Las Vegas residency, stars in Shades of Blue, produces and co-hosts World of Dance and still records her own music. Jennifer Lopez is someone who gives back and recently raised $35 million for Puerto Rico relief. Amidst her busy career, she takes care of her family and children. Big dreams and discipline are her driving force and even though she’s a big celebrity, Jennifer is someone that remains relatable.

Emily – Chelsey Feole


The individual that inspires me is my friend Chelsey Feole, an all-American field hockey player who upon graduation started her own club program based out of New Hampshire. Chelsey and I met at Boston College and immediately clicked. Sports and activity played a huge roll in her life leading up to September of 2015 when Chelsey was struck by a spinal cord stroke after cracking her neck. The stroke caused her lower body to be depleted and her arms to be paralyzed. Watching her grind for the last couple years, learning to walk again and teaching herself to do things that once came easily, has been a daily source of inspiration for me.

Kristina – Michelle Obama


Michelle Obama is one of the many women that I look up to. Her fight for women’s rights and use of her platform to advocate for gender equality is truly inspiring. She’s all about empowering women, and I think she’s been able to inspire her female audience, which includes a young generation of girls who will grow up empowered and inspired to change the world.

Clio – The Booje Ladies


I’m dedicating this Women’s Day to all the women I’ve worked with at Booje Media. They have all inspired me and helped me grow in different ways. It’s crazy to think that 99% of our employees have been women. Without them, Booje Media wouldn’t be here today. I believe women in today’s world are uniquely driven, passionate, and great communicators – perfect for our industry!

So far, 2018 has been the year of the woman with ladies around the world speaking out about the pay gap, sexual harassment, and other barriers preventing women’s advancement. Throughout it all, we’ve witnessed the tremendous power of women supporting women and feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so many strong, fearless females pressing for progress and inspiring us every day. Happy International Women’s Day!