Generation Z and Millennials’ Apps of Choice (Part 2)

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As we learned from last week’s blog post, Generation Z-ers and Millenials are extremely advertisement-averse. Maybe it’s because they’re rebellious – going against the grain of their parents’ creations and tastes. Whatever the reason, we know that they are the generation of ad block and computers (source).

This mentality requires brand flexibility – organizations need to be aware of the up-and-coming platforms and establish a presence that is dialogic and open. While TV, print, and other vehicles are still worthy of attention, brands need to keep their target audience in mind – constructing a cohesive campaign on a smorgasbord of platforms. Creating the perfect recipe depends on each brand, their goals, and their target audience.

So how does one produce a non-ad-sy advertisement. We’ll provide some examples of some alternative apps and platforms, and how to create brand awareness and advertisements strategically and successfully.


Tumblr does offer sponsored posts for brands. This is definitely an option for certain kinds of messaging. Just like on Facebook or Instagram, an ad can increase brand awareness or push promotional messaging. These ads will appear both in the side bar as well as integrated posts on the feed. Keep in mind, however, that the Tumblr community was extremely troubled over the introduction of these ads in 2013 (read about it here). While the upset has since died down, it’s important to keep this sort of reaction in mind, as an indication of what to do and not to do on the platform. As a rule of thumb: keep things subtle and don’t be pushy with your ads.


Another option is to create your brand’s Tumblr Page. This will get you in the conversation – right in the muck of things. Taylor Swift has had huge success with this sort of outreach – engaging with her audience on a personal level by picking up on memes (of herself), and sharing posts with fans. On a brand level, Birchbox also does Tumblr well. Sharing videos, photos, and casual posts with their audience (see it here).


Yik Yak

Use Yik Yak to tap into a local market. People post about great meals in the area, or new storefronts opening. As the platform is location-based, and community board-esque, you can reach out to the audience in your area – great for events, restaurants, or stores.


Tapping into the influencer community on is a viable route for brands. Coca-Cola has done this with their ‘share a Coke campaign’ where influencers have uploaded videos of themselves sharing a Coke (learn more here). Another option is to have your brand’s iconic TV jingles mouthed along to – repurposing content form the TV to the digital world, with a little light-hearted self-teasing.

Finding the perfect concoction of advertising platforms and angles can be tricky – especially in this current age of anti-ads. The first step in creating successful brand awareness and positive campaigns is getting to know your audience. Then you can tackle your tone and approach. At Booje Media, we like to tailor a strategy for each brand – finding the perfect mix to make your outreach a success.