Digital Spring Cleaning

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The sun is shining (sort of), the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and it’s not dark when we leave the office. This can only mean one thing: it’s springtime in Vancouver. Before pulling out those t-shirts and cracking a cold one on the patio (it might be a little premature for that), make sure to freshen up your vibe with some spring cleaning.

  1. Gather Inspiration.

    What’s your thing? Are you the Twitter-maven with a gift of the gab? The drool-inducing Instagram foodie? The insightful Facebook post writer? The Pinterest pinner with a knack for design? Or do you have an amazing product?No matter what you do, you should be doing it well. Before jumping in head first and attempting to be a jack of all trades, take a quick breath. Jot down the things that you’re good at (and want to showcase) and then, strategize. If you’re looking to highlight your amazing product, think about the best way to do this on each channel—knowing that Instagram is visually-focused, Twitter is conversation-oriented, Facebook tends to be informative, etc. From there you can take a deliberate and informed approach to your digital strategy and be a boss at it.
  2. Get out the virtual duster.

    Now that you’ve got a solid plan, it’s time to get your hands dirty. Go through your social media channels and weed out anything that doesn’t support your goal or vision (and while you’re at it, do a quick password change. It’s great to do this every year or so). Maybe you posted a really funny Buzzfeed article, but now are going for a more sophisticated tone. Approach it the same way you would a closet cleanout… Be ruthless.
  3. Visualize, visualize, visualize.

    Even though you now have a clear vision, it’s still easy to get lost in the day-to-day posting and lose sight of the big picture. Apps like Planoly can help you schedule your Instagram posts (to maintain consistent activity), while giving you a visual “mock up” of your account (even before you post anything). From there, you can rearrange posts so they follow your desired photographic narrative or aesthetic.
  4. Stay flexible.

    If there’s anything you can’t be with digital, it’s lazy (or maybe inflexible). The landscape is constantly changing, so it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends and make sure you’re adjusting your strategy accordingly. Keep your end goal in mind, but ensure your tactics stay current. If videos make sense for you, your brand, and your goals, do videos.

We hope these tips help kick off your spring cleaning season. If you would like some help strategizing or executing your digital plan, feel free to give us a call! We would love to throw on some rubber gloves and get dusting on your social media channels!