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One of the most prevalent questions we are confronted with here at Booje Media is where our name came from and what it means. As an agency all too familiar with the significance of branding, we wanted to share our trajectory with our followers so that you could have a better grasp of Booje’s history, and what Booje is, at its core. Yes, we are a Digital Marketing agency, but that’s just one dimension of our identity– it’s a service we provide. We consider ourselves more than that; Booje is made up of many parts, from our team, to our services, to our clients, and all of that boils down to one concept that we believe captures our essence: movement.

When our President and Founder, Clio De La Llave, decided to start Booje Media, she wanted to cultivate relationships and catalyze stories for people who didn’t have the formal training or the know-how of digital marketing. She wanted to move her clients’ stories, propagating their messages to their audience in a way that was fluid, consistent and authentic– and most importantly, staying true to the brand’s identity and mandate.

When Clio started Booje Media, social media was in its earlier stages and she was able to catch the wave of the social media phenomenon with a steady balance, bolstered by her training, experience, and passion. With her feet planted firmly on this figurative surfboard of the social media wave, she now needed to come up with a name that would speak to the fundamentals of her craft, and when asked what came to mind when she thought of the term ‘Social Media’, her answer–a reflex– was movement. What followed was a title from our Creative Director, Tiffany, “Booje,” that was rooted in Clio’s French heritage, as the word ‘Bouger’ literally translates to ‘Move’.

As a team, we have meditated on this idea and come up with what we feel movement, in the context of what we do, really means. To us, it literally means that we are agents–catalysts, rather, of sharing our clients’ stories with the world. This means that it is our duty to navigate the waters of the digital space with fluidity and aptitude– but there is more to it than just that. Social media itself is movement; it’s the constant flux and propagation of information, but it is also, philosophically, a movement. It’s a phenomenon in which you can choose to participate, contributing, for example, to socio-cultural trends (think #IceBucketChallenge, #ICantBreathe, #HeForShe etc).

So what we’re trying to say here is that, yes, we are a Digital Marketing agency, yes, that’s what we “do”, but what we are and what we wish to accomplish in our work is much deeper. We create partnerships that drive principles and fuel success. We generate ideas that translate into powerful content that resonates. We curate brand culture, injecting brand spirit in whatever we put out.  In essence: We Move Stories.