The Booje Awards: an Introduction

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Who & What & Why:

We’ve been known to spend a few hours in the social sphere, and we’ve developed a few online crushes. We’re so thrilled to announce the launch of the Booje Awards! We’re seeking to highlight and celebrate B.C.-bred companies that set themselves apart as clear leaders in social media. We absolutely love living in and being a part of this city, where the entrepreneurial mentality is growing and the support network for those individuals is thriving. As a Vancouver-based digital marketing company, we’ve experienced this first-hand and in turn would like to give back to the community that has shown us so much support. Each month, we will announce a different award category and will nominate six to eight local businesses or people who we believe kick-ass when it come their social media presence.

When & How & Where:

On our Facebook Page, we will create an album for each month’s awards category and include a photo to represent each of the nominees. The nominee whose photo receives the most love (aka ‘likes’) by the end of the month will be deemed the winner. Our first awards begin in August and will be announced today (July 31).


We look forward to your participation in our awards that look to celebrate local home-grown talent! Each month’s winner will receive access to a Hootsuite Pro account and Hootsuite University. Happy voting!

Hashtag: #BoojeAwards


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