Phonepocalypse Now: Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ Disrupts the Digital World

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Breaking News Google is changing its search-ranking algorithm to favour sites that are mobile-friendly. In it’s first change of this magnitude in over two years, the update is being coined ‘Mobilegeddon,’ speaking to the potential catastrophic consequences that may arise as a result. The move– an iron-fisted one—is rooted in the notion that while content is king, user experience is just … Read More

Booje Media | We Move Stories.

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One of the most prevalent questions we are confronted with here at Booje Media is where our name came from and what it means. As an agency all too familiar with the significance of branding, we wanted to share our trajectory with our followers so that you could have a better grasp of Booje’s history, and what Booje is, at … Read More

NewFound Integrity: Q&A with a Branding Guru

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As a Digital Marketing Agency, the power and significance of effective branding is something that is always at the core of our strategizing. With consumer culture in constant flux, it’s vital to create a brand, whether for a product or a service, that resonates with society in a way that evokes interest and tugs at strings to achieve a desired … Read More

Vancouver Fashion Week x Tobruck Ave

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Last week, Vancouver hosted its bi-annual Fashion Week, providing artists and industry folk from across the globe with the opportunity to showcase their craft in a seven-day homage to all things fashion. Over 250,000 guests, designers, bloggers, buyers, and media members– from Vancouver and abroad, congregated at the event not only to highlight their contribution to the fashion world, but … Read More

Booje Takes CIMC 2015

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Beginning on Saturday, March 28th, Canada’s brightest marketing minds will congregate at one of the industry’s leading conferences, the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference  (CIMC). Set against the backdrop of Squamish B.C., (one of New York Times’ 52 places to visit in 2015), the conference runs over two action-packed days, features an array of Canadian marketing superstars, and covers the industry’s … Read More

Winning At Google’s Zero Moment of Truth

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In 2011, Google introduced a revolutionary idea for all marketers to consider, deemed as the Zero Moment of Truth. In a traditional mental model, the potential customer would be stimulated by an advertisement driving that customer to realize a need. This was then followed by the First Moment of Truth (coined by Proctor and Gamble), for instance, seeing the product … Read More

Let’s Talk Quietly: Tools to Silence the Noise of Digital Content


Last week, Booje Media had the privilege of testing out the latest iteration of the Quietly app. If you’re unfamiliar with Quietly, its a super relevant, incredibly effective digital publishing tool that everyone and their mom should be using; their goal– to help you publish and manage killer content using lists in a more ‘snackable’ manner that inevitably leads to … Read More

The Holy Grail of Digital Marketing: Analytics

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Analytics is the holy grail when it comes to digital marketing. Back in the day, traditional marketing strategies were built on benchmarks and assumptions–even with metrics such as impressions from TV broadcasts and radio, return on marketing investment (ROMI) could only be assumed from benchmarking industry standards, or deriving from a small market research sample. Metrics In the digital world, … Read More

Booje Media Stands Up for Anti-Bullying


It’s National Pink Shirt Day! Today we don our periwinkles, magentas, fuschias, and all hues in between, in the name of a great cause– anti-bullying. Pink Shirt Day represents a movement that is much larger than one day. By wearing pink today, we demonstrate support for Anti-Bullying programs across the country, and taking it a step further, in using the … Read More

Gramziety: Is there a ‘Best Time of Day’ to Post on Instagram?

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We’ve all been there: You have just posted a picture to your Instagram after deliberating tirelessly over the perfect filter and the wittiest caption, and you wait for the first, second, and 5th minute to elapse before counting the relative likes. Then it happens. The anxiety sets in, and you wonder if your timing was off— after all of that … Read More