Incorporating Social Media Into Your Events

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Social media earned its name from the ease with which users are able to connect and share information virtually, so naturally there has been a growing trend to incorporate social media into the real-life social environment of important and large-scale events. Incorporating social media into your event can be extremely beneficial. It highlights what it is you, or your company as … Read More

Emoji Nation: How Emojis Are Changing Digital Communication

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Love them or hate them computer & cellphone pictographic symbols, better known as “emojis”, are here to stay. The little images that so often accompany text messages these days are getting an upgrade, with a reported 250 new Emojis set to be released at an unspecified time this month. Unicode, a non-profit organization that was established to provide internationally standardized … Read More

Instagram Steps Up Their Game

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As of March 2014, Instagram reached 200 million (active) users, making it 100 million users stronger than the previous year. But back in 2012 when Facebook made the decisive move to acquire Instagram for a whopping $1 billion dollars in the form of stocks & cash, techies around the world went a little crazy over the news. Although Instagram was … Read More

The World Cup Gets Socially Active

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the World Cup is currently underway in Brazil. Actually, even if you have been living under a rock, you’d probably know that the World Cup is on. It’s nearly impossible to avoid, particularly since these games are slated to be the most social in sporting history, and so far, it … Read More

LinkedIn Ads Get You B2B Connections

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It’s not new information that social media has quickly made the shift from focusing solely on connecting people, to turning their platforms into a viable business by essentially charging people to connect. According to Mashable, 92% of businesses advertise through Facebook, 35% advertise on YouTube, while 24% have LinkedIn ads and 23% of business advertise via Twitter. Although Facebook currently … Read More

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW | Facebook Is Launching ‘Video Metrics’

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Back In October 2011 Facebook first launched “Facebook Insights”, which essentially gave business owners the information and tools necessary to understand “how their content [was resonating] with users”. It was the first opportunity for businesses using Facebook to view their page analytics and see how much traction their content was receiving. Since 2011, a completely revamped and overhauled analytics page … Read More

Twitter Gets A Facelift: What You Should Know

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You may have noticed that Twitter recently received a bit of a facelift by way of a profile overhaul. It has certainly been a long time coming, as the social media platform has been very slow to change their look. In fact, the last time their layout was drastically updated was back in 2012, when Twitter incorporated more images to … Read More

Instagram Has An Eye On Herschel Supply

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We first discovered Herschel Supply Co. when we unintentionally stumbled upon their social media accounts and almost instantaneously loved their photography – their stunning photos of nature (which are almost otherworldly) were what first caught our eye. Since the entire Booje Media team is B.C.-bred, we suppose it’s not that surprising. Moreover, there’s not much that makes us happier than a homegrown, … Read More

Why Did Facebook Acquire WhatsApp? A Bold Move By Zuckerberg

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Last week, Facebook did a little shopping to acquire WhatsApp, a mobile messaging application, for a meagre $19 billion dollars. Yes you read that right: billion. Announcement of the acquisition was met with very mixed feelings expressed by both users and investors alike: “Facebook’s shares fell as much as 3.4% in early trading after the announcement of its purchase…But by … Read More