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The best marketing day might not be what you think it is.

Did you know “the first day of the workweek is also almost always the biggest day of the week for online shopping — even after the holiday season?” Business Time.

Employers probably think you are back at work after a relaxing weekend, tackling the to do list, but secretly you are behind your computer online shopping; partaking in a little retail therapy to beat those Monday blues. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us. But why Monday? Aren’t Fridays known for their lacksidasical vibe with late arrivals and early departure times?

Friday’s, although known for the lazy office day, are not for shopping. Most people are ready to take the weekend on, planning get aways or family outings. Online shopping is an indulgent way to ease back into the workweek. We are not going to lie, we shop a lot on Monday’s.  It’s the perfect day to reward yourself and the perfect day to finish up errands you just couldn’t fit in over the weekend.

Now that you know the best day to market and advertise on, it’s time to start planning your marketing calendar as the holiday pre season and holiday season shopping rush is nearing. In fact, Google Ad Words tells us, “Over the past few years, we’ve seen the holiday rush begin earlier and earlier. And we’ve also noticed that the shopping frenzy is extending beyond the traditional season, with transaction rates in 2013 boasting lifts even after Christmas. These trends make for a lot of opportunity for online retailers, but you need to play your cards right. The most important thing you can do to ensure seasonal success is to plan your digital strategy now”.

We clearly have no time to waste as Monday, and the holiday’s, are nearing, so here is what you need to know about your customers and why they are shopping on your site on Monday.

1) Your customers are online and not in your store because it saves time:

Why shoppers are online and why you should be marketing them


Make sure your site is easy to use and has the least amount of touch points for sales.  If your customers have to go to three different landing pages, two sign up forms, and then complete the sale you are probably going to lose them.

Keep the sales process simple. Login with Facebook, get right to billing, credit card info, shipping  and then confirmation.

The next important piece is to have a lot of variety online for your potential customers.


2) Online shopping is the new window shopping and once you have potential customers excited to purchase, these little tips are what will seal the deal.

Online shopping Motivators (Marketing)

Free delivery makes a world of difference. We have been known to abandoned our virtual shopping carts once we see we have to pay for shipping. Shipping can be a deal breaker.  The good news is that there are ways around this. If you increase the cost of the item (to cover shipping rates) customers will still pay for the item, they will be happy with their purchase as they don’t have to pay for shipping and you can continue to make sales. It’s a win win situation.


3) 70% of Canadians are using their mobile devices to purchase items and are checking for these items while working, eating, using the restroom and while working. Having a user friendly mobile site is a great idea to keep sales flowing.


Internet Mobile Shopping (Marketing)


At Booje Media we know marketing takes time and effort to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck. It is important to understand online behaviour so you can better assist your potential customers. If you need help putting together a marketing strategy for your business let us know. We would be happy to talk about your your needs and how we can help you reach your savvy retail shoppers.

Until then,

Happy Manic Monday 😉


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