A Very Booje Christmas


One of our most beloved traditions is sharing our favourite holiday memories and traditions with the team. Whether it’s celebrating Chrismukkah or watching Elf on loop for two straight days before Christmas, each team member cherishes something different about December.

Can you guess which Booje team member each story belongs to?


Hint: She is our in-house influencer expert and has a one of the sharpest eyes-for-detail we’ve ever seen.
Christmas Eve is big at our house. We sit down to dinner when the first star in the sky appears. There are 12 dishes for the 12 months of the year, and everyone has to have at least a small taste of each dish – it’s bad luck if you don’t!

Hint: She works magic with a camera and a paintbrush.
One of my favourite things to do during the holidays is bundle up, get a hot cocoa and visit the VanDusen Festival of Lights! I always look forward to my mom’s holiday decorations, my stepmom’s baking, my sister’s festive party spirit, my husband’s eagerness to put up the tree in November, my Terry’s Milk Chocolate Orange and our snowy Christmas day walk at my dad’s.

Hint: A graphic design wizard who used to spend Christmas under the warm Filipino Sun.
When I was four, I woke up in the middle of the night to surprise Santa and thank him personally for bringing me a gift. When I walked into the living room, I saw my Mom placing “Santa’s gift” under the tree. (I wasn’t supposed to find out about the “real Santa” until I was eight!)

Hint: Her many hidden talents include photography, food styling and, of course, bowling!
When my best friend finally moved back to Vancouver, we made it a tradition to build a gingerbread house together every Christmas. That way there is no excuse not to see each other during the best time of the year!

Hint: Whether you’re playing field hockey or completing a competitive project at work, you’re going to want her on your team.
On Christmas Eve, my siblings and I all gather at my parents’ house and open one gift. It really makes Christmas feel a little bit longer. Another thing I look forward to every year is the food. My grandmother makes Ukrainian perogies and cabbage rolls that I dream about all year long.

Hint: When she’s not running a tight ship at Booje, she’s running around with her six-year-old daughter.
Growing up, food was a big part of every celebration. My mom made sure birthday and holiday mornings started with a special breakfast and ended with a special dinner. More than the presents or decorations, I remember all of my mom’s holiday dishes. When I became a mother, making sure we had plenty of food and everyone’s favourite dishes became one of my holiday missions. Celebrating with family and enjoying food at the table is a joy that I finally understand now that I’m a mom.

Hint: A copywriter who is the queen of trending topics and the master of good (and bad) puns.
Every Christmas, the whole family uses a Sharpie to trace the shape of their hand onto our Christmas tablecloth and write a story, funny anecdote, or memory inside their handprint. No matter where we celebrate Christmas, the tablecloth comes with us. It’s even been to Mexico!

Hint: She wears many hats–boss hat, entrepreneur hat, and (most importantly) Santa hat!
Growing up half Mexican and half French, we always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve. For years, I thought Christmas was on the 24th, and that we had to wait longer than all other kids to open our presents since we opened ours at night instead of the morning.

Check our Instagram page to see who each story belongs to. Hope our hints weren’t too obvious!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!