2016 Booje Highlights Reel


So let’s get all of the “where did the year go?”, “I can’t believe 2016 is almost over!”, and “time just flies!” statements out of the way.

While it is crazy to think this year is coming to a close (but actually… where did the year go?), we thought we would take the time to focus on some of our highlights from 2016. Here’s your cue to grab a cup of hot cocoa, put on some Christmas tunes, and curl up (preferably by a fire) – the only way to read a blog post in December (right?).

Flok Launches


One for the books – Flok launched this year. Our Founder and President Clio, along with Flok’s co-Founder Nadine Robinson, unveiled our lovely little sister company. And us Booje older sisters couldn’t be more thrilled.

Flok is a ridesharing app that connects individuals travelling to the same event – helping people save on travel costs. The more people in your car, the less cost and the more fun. If you haven’t heard about it yet, check out our blog post about it here. And while you’re at it, feel free to download the app.

We have loved being a part of this development – watching and supporting as the company grew and blossomed. We can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for Flok, and are definitely looking forward to the ride (pun intended).

Instagram Stories


We were already Snapchat-obsessed, so you can imagine how exciting Instagram Stories was to us… We have another platform where we can share our (and brands’) anecdotes.

As you’re probably well aware, Instagram launched their stories feature this year – shaking up many neighbour companies. While we can’t help but feel this won’t be the last development in ephemeral marketing (Facebook, Twitter, and others are already in talks for similar features), it was definitely the first quake… We’re itching to see what 2017 has in store.

Initially, the new feature took a bit of getting used to – those little rainbow bubbles at the top of the feed felt slightly unfamiliar. But, within a few months we adapted and are now used to the tool – sourcing recent updates from our friends, family, celebrities, and brands all in one happy app (like a virtual Christmas dinner table).

The Royals Visit Vancouver

kate middleton and prince william

Photo by Andrew Chin/ Getty Images

Kate Middleton is our Booje girl crush, so we had to include her visit to BC in our 2016 highlights. Will and Kate made their appearance in Vancouver on September 25th – and subsequently blew up social media for us Vancouverites. Their tour throughout BC lasted a short 8 days, but it was enough to cause quite the stir (for even a mouse).

Many of us received Snapchats, viewed Instagram posts, and watched Facebook Live to keep updated on the tour. We also won’t forget the photo of the Dutchess of Cambridge meeting our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau – proof that no one is immune to his attractiveness.

So that’s the year in a nutshell (no nutcracker needed). It has had its ups and downs – as all years do – but in focusing on the amazing events, we feel a little more inspired for what’s to come. We hope your year was nothing short of amazing, and encourage you to go over your “highlights” reel for 2016.

We are so happy to have spent another year articulating and finessing brands’ stories – fortifying the relationship between brand and audience. Thank you to our clients, friends, and colleagues for letting us grow with you and your brands – encouraging Booje to grow concurrently. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And as the saying goes, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”