Gramziety: Is there a ‘Best Time of Day’ to Post on Instagram?

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We’ve all been there: You have just posted a picture to your Instagram after deliberating tirelessly over the perfect filter and the wittiest caption, and you wait for the first, second, and 5th minute to elapse before counting the relative likes. Then it happens. The anxiety sets in, and you wonder if your timing was off— after all of that work.

In the digital marketing world, there has been a lot of talk surrounding the optimal posting time, and here at Booje Media, we tend towards the school of thought that there is definitely a strategy behind when to share your post-worthy moments. With over 300 million monthly active users (more than Twitter!), Instagram’s popularity is remarkable in that it is a purely mobile platform; because of this fact, the rules are a little different. As with other components of Social Media strategy, time-frames are usually a matter of iteration, but here are 3 factors to take into account when deciding when to post:

Audience Demographic

What age group are your followers? Are they primarily Male or Female? What are their interests? These are all questions to ask yourself before posting to Instagram, as your audience’s demographic will have a significant effect on when you post. While most people these days will have their phone on them, they may not always have access to check their social media, so considering their lifestyle according to these demographics is a necessary step in discovering the best time to post.

Instagram Users

Time Zones

You may have woken up early, but your East Coast followers have long since been up and have already gone through their wake-up-and-scroll routine. Because Instagram is a global phenomenon, it’s widespread use calls for a certain finesse in timing your posts. For instance, you may want to post your picture at 8:00am so that some of your West Coast users have not yet started their morning commute to work and still have their devices readily accessible, but your East Coast users have started their work day and are going through withdrawals in anticipation of their fix on their lunch breaks. You also don’t want to post too early or too late because, and this is inevitable, feeds get cluttered at optimal posting times, and you don’t want your gem to get lost in a sea of rocks.


Work Schedules

This brings us to one of the most indicative factors in posting times: the dreaded 9 to 5. Work schedules essentially account for black-out zones, as users don’t have access to their devices during set periods of time. If members of your target audience are primarily nine to fivers, it is best not to post from 9am-Noon, or 1pm-5pm. For these audiences, early mornings, during lunch-breaks, after work and after dinner hours are your best bet, though statistics show that posting in the morning between 8am-9am, off hours 9pm-Midnight, and weekends are ideal times for engagement and interaction on Instagram.

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There’s no doubt about the fact that Instagram, when used properly, is a powerful and effective tool for Branding, and while the visual aspects reign supreme in terms of content strategy, it is also important to take timing into account, because after all, when it comes to likes— more is more.


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