Branch Out and Network

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Branch out and network simply means get out there and take a chance!  Sometimes we can work ourselves up into a tizzy over the silliest things. For a lot of people, a scary part of business means they have to network to build those needed connections. If you’re good at networking and social events, then large functions won’t scare you. However, … Read More

Booje Awards: Best Style Blogger Award

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The Booje Awards are back with the best style blogger award! This month we are highlighting those fashionistas who put the pep in our oh so stylish step! Be sure to vote for your favourite style blogger here. What better way to follow up Fashion Month then by turning the attention to our local fashion minds who inspire our outfits day … Read More

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Your Content

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It’s All About the Content: Content is king when it comes to marketing! That’s why it’s a great idea to reduce the time you spend writing, reuse content that has your brands message and recycle content that was well written and well received the first time it was published. Publishing great content is hard and constantly coming up with new … Read More

Mark Cuban: Social Media Mistakes

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Have you sent out a tweet, Facebook post, text or re-pinned on Pinterest and INSTANTLY wish there was an “undo” button?  Or maybe you sent out a post into the social media-sphere never realizing that the post was damaging? If any of the above applies to you, you are not alone my friend. In fact, many other people are making these … Read More

Twitter is experimenting with a “Buy” button

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Twitter is the platform for you if you want real-time news, photos and videos in 140 characters or less.  On Monday, the company announced they are also going to publicly test shopping for real products as well. The “buy button” will be embedded into posts which will allow users to a buy a product with minimal clicking.  Twitter has just become a … Read More

Booje Awards: Top B.C. CEO’s on Twitter

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The Booje Awards are back! This month highlights CEO’S who are inspiring us with their Twitter handles in 140 characters or less. Twitter is amazing! Period. Through an open exchange of information you can connect with anyone, express yourself freely without barriers and search for what’s going on. Creating quick tips or inspiring people in 140 characters or less is a rather … Read More

Booje Awards: Best Instagram Visuals

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Instagram has created a platform that allows individuals and businesses to get creative via pictures and imagery. It is no surprise that visual based social channels such as Instagram and Pinterest have been seeing significant growth in the past year. A picture is worth a thousand words and businesses/individuals are taking advantage of this to connect with their audience by … Read More

Incorporating Social Media Into Your Events

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Social media earned its name from the ease with which users are able to connect and share information virtually, so naturally there has been a growing trend to incorporate social media into the real-life social environment of important and large-scale events. Incorporating social media into your event can be extremely beneficial. It highlights what it is you, or your company as … Read More

Emoji Nation: How Emojis Are Changing Digital Communication

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Love them or hate them computer & cellphone pictographic symbols, better known as “emojis”, are here to stay. The little images that so often accompany text messages these days are getting an upgrade, with a reported 250 new Emojis set to be released at an unspecified time this month. Unicode, a non-profit organization that was established to provide internationally standardized … Read More