The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 010


Which bold & bald influencer is hotter than Kylie Jenner? If you don’t know this answer, you’ve been living under a rock (an egg??) these past couple weeks. Of course, we’re talking about the viral & mysterious @world_record_egg that garnered more Instagram likes than Kylie Jenner with her 124 million followers. What makes a seemingly random post like this go … Read More

The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 009


Q: How many awards shows does it take for a millennial to get cable? A: That’s mathematically unsolvable. Almost any millennial would rather track hashtags on Twitter and Instagram on their smartphones than buy an actual TV — or worse: get cable — to stay up to date on the red carpet and big entertainment winners of the year. That brings … Read More

The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 008


What Netflix’s “Bird Box Challenge” tells us about fan engagement; Snapchat’s Lens Challenge; Instagram’s Horrific Horizontal Tap; and the Booje team’s social media wishes for 2019 Welcome to 2019! It is already looking to be another year of immense and ongoing changes on all your favourite social media platforms, and the hosts dive deep into what they think these platforms should … Read More

The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 007


Top Six Digital Trends of 2018 As 2018 comes to a close, co-hosts Danika and Michelle countdown the top six digital trends we saw this year. Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks for listening to the inaugural year of Booje Media’s Trend Report. Many more updates to come in 2019, so make sure to subscribe on your favourite podcast app. Hugs & … Read More

The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 006


Instagram Walkie-Talkie, Facebook Search Ads and Live Video Shopping, and the Host-less Oscars This week, co-hosts Danika and Michelle discuss if Instagram is becoming too much like Facebook (i.e. its new walkie-talkie feature) and what that means for the future of the platform: will it become uncool and obsolete if baby-boomers are the main market? Also new this week, the … Read More

The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 005


New short form podcast app Koo!, Instagram’s “Close Friends”, Facebook Collections, the latest Beyonce meme, and Nick Jonas’ & Priyanka Chopra’s mega wedding If your relationship was never posted on Instagram, did they even happen?? Or, maybe the question is: are the relationships that are all over Instagram even genuine? Co-hosts Danika & Michelle dive deep into this modern phenomenon, inspired by … Read More

The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 004


Fake News + Echochambers, Google #Hashtag Map Search + Location Follows, Facebook’s New News Feature + Giving Tuesday, Instagram’s New Look What happens when everyone starts to consume all their news media from their social media feeds? They tend only to see opinions and content that suits their personal biases and political leanings. These “echochambers” have become a serious issue … Read More

The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 003


Instagram Fake Followers, Facebook Messenger ‘Watch Videos Together’ & Un-Send Button, and the Future of Print Journalism This week, co-hosts Danika & Michelle keep you up to speed on important updates on Instagram & Facebook platforms, including Instagram’s new efforts to crack down on fake followers and Facebook’s attempt to further monetize Messenger by allowing users to watch videos together, … Read More

The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 002


Tinder’s ‘Rivals Week’, Instagram-U, Snapchat Bitmoji Merchandise, Facebook Dating, and the “Don’t Say It” meme This week is heavy on the dating apps — Tinder’s launch of the university-focused ‘Rivals Week’, and Facebook’s attempt to reach millennials and Gen-Zs with Facebook Dating. Danika & Michelle then dive deep into how to effectively advertise on dating apps, and what we can … Read More

The Trend Report by Booje Media Ep. 001


Instagram Story Promotions, IGTV Previews, Twitter Feed Updates, and the “Thank You, Next” meme In the inaugural episode of the now weekly Trend Report, co-hosts Danika & Michelle tell you everything you need to know about promoting Instagram stories, previewing IGTV in stories, and toggling between chronological & curated feeds on Twitter — and what this all means for your … Read More